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M. Kent Smith, DDS Blog

Is a Bridge or Partial Right for You?

March 14, 2022

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Digital image of a bridge and crownsAre you tired of missing teeth being the focal point of your smile? Whether you’ve lost a single tooth or several teeth, your confidence was probably lost along with them. However, tooth loss is more than an aesthetic issue. Each tooth is invaluable for a healthy smile. Thankfully, you have more options than ever to fill the spaces of lost teeth, like a bridge or partial. Both are supported by generations of success, but which is right for you? Here’s what you need to know about partial dentures and dental bridges in Edmond to rebuild a beautiful smile. 


Tips for Getting Used to Dentures

January 4, 2022

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chicken noodle soup

Your confidence is up since you recently got your dentures because you are happier about your appearance. It’s so much better than when you were missing teeth, thank goodness you took the initiative to make a change. Your brother invited you to that new Mexican restaurant downtown, and when it comes to what to eat you aren’t quite as confident yet in your new smile. Read on to get advice from your dentist about eating with dentures in Edmond.  


When Can You Buy Your Child an Electric Toothbrush?

December 14, 2021

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children using electric toothbrushes for kids

Roughly one-fifth of children ages 5 to 11 and 13% of teens ages 12 to 19 have one or more untreated cavities. Cavities are easy to prevent, but utilizing the proper tools is essential to maintaining good oral health. Read on to learn about electric toothbrushes for kids, when to buy one for your little one, and how it can benefit their oral health.


Exciting Update: It’s Time for Our Annual Toy Drive!

October 31, 2021

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Holiday bear next to piles of presents for toy drive

Each month, we update our blog with topics on all things dentistry, from popular FAQs to the benefits of a particular service. This month, we are here to share an exciting announcement: it’s time for our annual toy drive in Edmond! To learn more about our community involvement this holiday season (as well as how you can participate), keep reading.


Dental Insurance vs. Medical Insurance – How Do They Differ?

September 17, 2021

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Dental insurance paperwork on clipboard

You have both dental and medical insurance, and they are both very important when it comes to keeping your body healthy. However, you may be wondering what makes them different from one another and why they are separated into two completely different categories. This is something many people find confusing when it comes to navigating their coverage. Continue reading to learn more about the differences and reasons behind having separate insurance plans.


6 Tips for Caring for Your ClearCorrect Aligners

September 2, 2021

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Man at dentist getting clear aligners

If you’re looking to straighten your smile, you no longer need to sport a mouthful of metal brackets and wires when you smile and talk. You don’t even need to deal with eating restrictions throughout the duration of your treatment. ClearCorrect has numerous benefits, but it’s crucial that you take excellent care of your clear aligners for the best possible results. Continue reading for some tips to keep your clear aligners in Edmond in optimal shape!


Can You Inherit Bad Teeth?

August 11, 2021

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family laughing and smiling together

Your mother’s curly hair, your dad’s blue eyes, your grandmother’s freckles – several traits can be passed down from generation to generation. Can bad teeth be one of them? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Your genes can affect the way your teeth and bone structure develop, meaning sometimes they may not form properly and be more susceptible to dental problems. Continue reading to learn which oral health issues can be inherited and what you can do to maintain a healthy smile.  


Veneers vs. Dental Crowns: Which One Is Best for You?

June 18, 2021

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Closeup of woman's white, healthy teeth

Thanks to advancements in dentistry, patients looking to enhance their smile have a wide array of treatment options to choose from. Two of the most popular are veneers and dental crowns. After all, they are both incredibly lifelike, entirely custom, and built to last. But how do you know which one is right for you? Keep reading to learn all about the differences between veneers and dental crowns.


Is the Summer Sun Good for Your Smile?

May 24, 2021

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woman on the beach during summer in Edmond

The days are getting longer, and the temperature is climbing, which can only mean one thing – it’s just about summer in Edmond! You’re probably itching to spend your days by the pool, eat meals by the grill, and enjoy nights by a campfire roasting marshmallows. This time of year is actually good for more than just catching up with loved ones and working on your tan. Did you know that spending time in the sun could improve your oral health? Here’s how you can avoid dental problems this summer by getting plenty of sunlight.


How Long Does ClearCorrect Treatment Take?

April 29, 2021

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smiling woman holding ClearCorrect in Edmond

Comfort, appearance, convenience – these are just a few of the many advantages that ClearCorrect has over traditional braces. In fact, this unique orthodontic treatment might even be able to straighten your teeth more quickly than braces can! However, the exact ClearCorrect timeline in Edmond can vary from person to person. Let’s go over some of the factors that influence how long ClearCorrect treatment takes.

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