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Dental Insurance - Edmond, OK

Your Short Guide to Dental Insurance

When you sign up for a dental insurance plan, you’re essentially investing in you and your family’s future oral health, which sounds great, but there’s one catch—most policies don’t exactly tell you the best ways to use them. Thankfully, our dental office is ready to pick up the slack! Not only will we accept your dental insurance plan, but we’ll file the claim for you to ensure you’re getting every dollar you deserve. A little know-how can help you save a lot of money in the long run, so be sure to read our brief guide about maxing out your dental insurance below! For questions, give us a call today.

Understanding How Dental Insurance Works

Dental insurance forms

While dental insurance and standard health insurance share a lot of similarities, the thing that makes dental insurance unique is its emphasis on preventive care. Most policies fully or mostly cover basic services like checkups and cleanings, while restorative treatments like fillings and crowns receive less coverage. This is designed to help patients be proactive about their dental care so they maintain regular appointments and get minor issues taken care of before they call for more extensive (and expensive) procedures. Over time, this leads to a healthier smile and less money spent on dental treatments, which is a big win-win for patients!

What Your Dental Insurance Plan Covers

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Like we touched on above, the majority of dental insurance plans are intended to be primarily used for preventive care, so services like checkups, cleanings, dental sealants, and X-rays will often receive 80-100% coverage. If you develop a cavity or broken tooth, however, insurance can still be a big help, as fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures, and extractions are typically covered 50-70%. If you’re interested in a cosmetic procedure like veneers or whitening, insurance usually won’t cover it, but you can sign up for financing to make these procedures much more affordable.

Our In-Network PPO Dental Insurance Providers

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In addition to focusing on preventive care, another easy way to make the most of your dental insurance is to visit a dental office that is in-network with your policy. This simply means the dental office has a contract with your insurance provider to offer their services for reduced fees.

Dr. M. Kent Smith is proud to be in-network with some of the most popular plans in Edmond and beyond:

Veterans Administration Community Care Program

Are you a military veteran? Unfortunately, many veterans throughout the country have difficulty finding providers who work with the VA Community Care Program, especially in their local area. As a result, many have to travel far for basic care or choose to skip dental visits altogether, which puts their smiles at risk of infection and decay.

Dr. M. Kent Smith and the rest of our team appreciate your service, which is why he is in-network with the VA Community Care Program right here in Edmond. This means you can receive the personalized treatment you need and deserve closer to home. Let our compassionate dentist help you keep your smile strong!

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