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Teeth Whitening – Edmond, OK

A Quick Solution for a Better Smile

Man with brilliant white smile after teeth whitening in Edmond, OK

A beautiful white smile can help you make a great first impression and set the tone for any social event or business meeting. Is your smile as bright as you want it to be, or has it gotten dull over the years? Dr. Smith can remove tooth stains and other forms of dental discoloration with a professional whitening treatment – and with the state-of-the-art Sinsational Smile system, you could see improvements in as little as 20 minutes! Call us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can use whitening to improve the color of your enamel.

Why Choose M. Kent Smith DDS for Teeth Whitening?

  • Dazzling Results in as Little as 20 Minutes
  • Removes Both External and Internal Stains
  • Dentist Helping Edmond Since 1988

What Causes Dental Staining?

Close-up of a smile with stained teeth

There are various reasons why your tooth might be looking dull or stained. Cigarettes and other forms of tobacco are common culprits for dental discoloration, of course, but in many cases, stains will form on the enamel due to consuming dark-colored foods and beverages on a regular basis. Coffee, wine, blueberries, and tomato sauce are just a few examples that can leave your smile looking less than bright. Certain medications and illnesses also have a staining effect, and poor oral hygiene can play a role as well. And of course, there are some risk factors that simply can’t be avoided, such as genetics or the regular wear and tear that comes with age. We’ll need to figure out where the root of your problem lies before we recommend professional whitening as a solution.

How Does Sinsational Smile Whitening Work?

Before and after photos of teeth whitening

For the Sinsational Smile procedure, we’ll provide a silicone tray that conforms to the shape of your mouth. The tray will be pre-filled with Green Certified whitening gel, filled with ingredients that can remove stains above and below the tooth’s enamel. The gel will be activated by a special LED light, causing the ingredients to take effect at a much faster rate and dramatically reducing the time needed to yield results. While other in-office whitening treatments can take around an hour, Sinsational Smile can be completed in 20 minutes! This method also tends to cause much less tooth sensitivity.

After the treatment, you’ll bring your silicone tray home along with a whitening pen. This will aid you in maintaining the new color of your smile, which you can expect to last for several months or over a year.

How to Make Your Beautiful New Smile Last

Woman smiling while brushing her teeth with man nearby

We recommend the following practices to keep your teeth looking bright as long as possible:

  • Make regular brushing and flossing a top priority.
  • Minimize your intake of dark-colored foods and beverages.
  • See Dr. Smith every 6 months for a professional cleaning.
  • Give up smoking and other poor dental habits.
  • Use the provided whitening pen to give your smile a touch-up as needed.