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Cosmetic Dental Bonding – Edmond, OK

Quickly Fixing Chipped Teeth and Other Cosmetic Flaws

For patients who have relatively minor smile flaws that they want to fix, cosmetic dental bonding can be a quick and simple solution. One appointment is often all it will take to improve your smile, and you are likely to find that even a small change can significantly improve your confidence. If you think cosmetic dental bonding could help you enhance your grin, we invite you to contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Smith.

Why Choose M. Kent Smith, DDS for Cosmetic Dental Bonding?

  • Customized Cosmetic Dental Treatments
  • Dentist with Decades of Experience
  • Welcoming, Comfortable Dental Practice

What Is Cosmetic Dental Bonding?

Illustration of UV light being used for cosmetic dental bonding in Edmond, OK

Cosmetic dental bonding is a treatment that can be used to correct all kinds of dental flaws. It is often recommended for patients with chipped teeth, cracked teeth, stubborn dental stains, and minor gaps in their smiles.

During the procedure, we will take a small amount of composite resin and use it to cover the spots of the teeth where the problem areas exist. Once we have finished sculpting the material, we’ll use a special light to harden it in place. The average person won’t realize that the composite resin is there because the material will be expertly shaded to match the color of the enamel around it.

Even though the cosmetic dental bonding process is quick, the results can potentially last for years. Make a point of taking good care of your smile so that you can keep the changes for as long as possible.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Cosmetic Dental Bonding?

Female patient standing next to a dental chair

As you’re probably aware, cosmetic dental bonding is just one of several treatments available at our practice that we can use to enhance our patients’ smiles. As such, before we make any recommendations, we will need to consider the specifics of your situation and the cosmetic goals you want to accomplish.

Cosmetic dental bonding may be a good fit for you if:

  • The flaws you want to correct are minor. (A different type of treatment may be more suitable if you have more extensive changes in mind.)
  • Your mouth is in good health, meaning you are not currently suffering from untreated tooth decay or gum disease.
  • You are looking for a cosmetic treatment that will give you results in a relatively short amount of time.

The Benefits of Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Man with button-up shirt standing with his arms folded
  • It typically only takes one appointment to complete the cosmetic dental bonding process.
  • You can easily maintain the results of cosmetic dental bonding by following the same steps you would use to protect your natural teeth (as in brushing twice a day, visiting the dentist regularly, and so on).
  • Cosmetic dental bonding is very comfortable; patients are generally able to have it performed without the need for a local anesthetic.